New user
You can log in to FANNconfig in two ways:
1. Use the information on the sticker that came with your device. This will let you configure a sigle device without creating a user account.
2.Create a user account and use email and password to log in. When logged in as a registered user more features will be available. You will be able to monitor and configure multiple devices and receive emails with status-reports and warnings
Quick connect
1.Create a WiFi hotspot on your phone and set password to fann12345 The WiFi hotspot must use 2.4GHz band to be compatible.
2.Wait for the blue LED to light up
3.Log on to Fannconfig using one of the methods above
4.Click "Settings"
5.Click "Change" in WiFi section
6.Select the permanent network you want to use
7.Enter password and press "Save"
8.Wait for the WiFi symbol to turn green.
9.The device is now connected to the permanent network. Turn off WiFi hotspot on your phone
Other connection options
Your device will automatically connect to a number of 2.4GHz WiFi networks.
* Any network with no password
* Any network with the password fann12345
* Any network named fann1 with password fann12345
* A network with the name and password you configure in WiFi settings

To connect your device for the first time, create one of the first 3 in the list above. The device will find you network faster if it is named fann1. This is recommended if there are a lot of WiFi networks. You can create a network using the hotspot feature on your phone or by using the guest network on your WiFi router. When the device is connected to a network the blue light will come on. This can take a few minutes.
Log on to FANNconfig and click Settings and Change in the WiFi section. Select the network you want to use from the list and enter the password.
Add a device
1. Create a user an log in using email and password
2. Click user symbol in the top right corner
3. Click "Edit"
4. Click "Edit device list"
4. Enter serial number and the key from the sticker that came with the device
5. Click "Save", if the key is correct the device will appear in the list
6. (Optional) Give the device i name